Compatibility Testing for Teams CyberEscape Online


All attendees should access CyberEscape Online using the lastest version of our supported browsers, Chrome or Edge, on a desktop or laptop computer. Gameplay is not supported on Tablets or Mobile Devices.

To ensure smooth connectivity during gameplay, please conduct the following tests ahead of time:

Twilio Test 

Audio & Video check

Visit and run this test:

Result: All tests need to pass except for the 2nd & 3rd ones in the list (NTS: TURN TCP Connectivity and NTS: TURN TLS Connectivity)


Websocket Check 

Used for real-time gameplay between participants


Result: Should say “This browser supports WebSocket”

Click “Connect” 

Result: “Connected”


Network Firebase Debugging

Used to keep gameplay in sync


Result: Scroll down to the bottom of the results to see if any tests were unsuccessful. 

Video playing

Used to identify if video provider needs to be whitelisted


Result: Video should play

If these fail, it likely means that your company firewall or VPN blocks all traffic that hasn’t been whitelisted. If you’re able to, try turning off the VPN. If that doesn’t work, using a personal laptop or whitelisting the IPs listed below may solve the problem.

If you turn off your VPN, run the above tests one more time to confirm before beginning the experience.

Whitelist the Following:

Applications using Twilio’s Programmable Voice Client JS or Mobile SDKs require connectivity to Twilio’s infrastructure to be able to place and receive calls. As shown in the diagram below, two types of connections are required, Signalling and Media. The signalling connection is a secure TLS connection that is used for sending and receiving control information to set up calls and the media connection is a secure SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol) connection that is used to send and receive audio.

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