Can I travel internationally with my Cyber Escape Room?


Yes! Your Condition1 containers are safe to be checked as luggage for an international trip. Follow the packing guidelines in your Host Guide to ensure each case is under 50 lbs to avoid additional fees.


If you have to pack differently:

  • Take pictures of each layer so you can repack
  • Weigh your cases to ensure they are still under 50 lbs.

Here are other tips to make your trip smoother:

  • Bring at least four international power adapters
  • Do not pack batteries - plan on buying them there
  • If you have the fire extinguisher prop, take it apart and pack the pieces in separate luggage
  • Lastly, no matter how familiar you are with your Escape Room, there’s nothing like a second set of expert eyes. Schedule a test-run with us so we can be available to help.
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