Glossary of Terms



Users - Admins and hosts that can be added to the Experience Manager

Registrants - Employees you that have registered for a Session

Participants - Employees that are participating in the Escape Room

Storyline - Theme and security concepts delivered through the game definition and kit.

Game Definition - The questions, answer, teaching text and codewords that makeup CyberEscape Experiences

Kit - Compilation of props used with the storyline, and variations of the Game Definition

Campaign - A schedule of sessions for a storyline (but can use various Game Definitions and kits). The Host and Registrants can be tied to that one campaign.

Session - Includes time for introduction, game play and debrief. Game Play time is set with the Game Definition. Introduction and Debrief time is in Global Settings and can be adjusted when scheduling. This allows the calendar to know how much total time to block. This should incorporate any time you need for resetting as well.

Add a Session - Add a single session or multiple sessions to a Campaign. When adding you can use More Options to change the intro and debrief times.

Launch Session - Launch a session that has not been previously scheduled. You will have to select a Campaign to capture the data correctly for your reporting) so make sure you have created a Campaign first.

Content Definition - The questions, answers and teaching texts that make up Modules and Series that are available on the Platform or as SCORM

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