How to schedule a session in Teams


To schedule an upcoming room run session on Teams, click "Add session" from the calendar tab of your dashboard.




Then, with the session option set to "Single", choose your licensed kit, game definition, date, time, timzone, and location. If you'd like, you can click "More options" and specify the time allotted for introduction and debrief as well as the maximum participants allowed.

You can also add participants' email addresses by typing in their address and clicking "Add participant".

Confirm your selections and add the session to your calendar by clicking "Save" at the bottom of the window.




You should now be able to see your session in the "Calendar" tab. Your calendar will appear on the left of the screen and can be toggled to display monthly or weekly time periods, you can use the left or right arrows on the top right to show future or past schedules.

Days with one or more scheduled sessions will have a red dot underneath them.




If you click on a day that has a scheduled session, you will be able to see all sessions for that day. They will display on the right hand side of the screen. You can choose to edit the session details or launch the session from here.




If you'd like to schedule multiple sessions at one time, here's or our guide to scheduling bulk sessions.

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