How to bulk schedule room run sessions in the Experience Manager


You can easily schedule room run sessions in bulk using the Experience Manager, it is very similar to scheduling a single session.

First, after clicking "Add session", make sure the "Multiple" option is selected. Then, fill in the details of your sessions.

You can choose the same start and finish date to schedule multiple room runs on the same day, or choose a different end date if you are going to be running the same schedule for multiple days.

Then, set the introduction and debrief time along with the maximum number of allowed participants. The introduction and debrief time allows for time to introduce the room and solidify concepts after completion. If your game timer is 30 minutes and you want to run rooms on the top of every hour: set your intro and debrief time to a total of 30 minutes. This will schedule the 2nd room for 1 hour after the first, and so on.

Once you have completed your selections, click "Next" to continue.



You will be taken to a confirmation screen that summarizes your bulk schedule. If everything is correct, click "Save sessions" to finalize.




Your new sessions will now display in the calendar view, you can choose between monthly or weekly display types.



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