Critical Mass: Remote Marketing Kit


Only available for CyberEscape Online Legacy. It's never too soon to start marketing! Whether you are formally going through your Communications Department or sending information yourself through all available channels, please use the attached resources to engage your team:



  • Flyers (click image left to download)
  • Trailer
  • Contact Plan
  • Web Banners (three attached to chose from!)
  • Logo (attached)


Download Contact Plan Here (click image)

Also, here is content you can use with any of your channels:

Save your spot to compete with a team in a security-themed CyberEscape Online game that will show-off your Cybersecurity skills and challenge your problem-solving abilities.

Want to know what you are really getting into? 

  1. Video conferencing with a team
  2. A live host will who will be with you every step of the way to guide you through the mission
  3. Work with your team to uncover clues and solve puzzles
  4. Complete the mission in under 40 minutes and earn a top spot on the leaderboard

So what's the mission?
All is quiet at Gizmo Corp... It’s 40 minutes until doors-open on a sunny day everyone usually calls ‘pay-day.’ It is a day that may remain unmemorable, despite the fact that every single employee here is getting robbed. Unless... one team of special agents, working feverishly in a dark corner of their security operations center, can find the source of a massive insider breach. You are that team. Good luck.

Space is limited so register now! (link to registration page)

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