CyberEscape Experience FAQs


CyberEscape Experience is team training optimized for engagement. That means hands-on learning!

There are three types of CyberEscape Experiences:

  • CyberEscape Online Born Secure Entrance Exam26.pngPlay by yourself or work with a team as you're led through a series of challenges by our Virtual Host. You'll need to have access to a few webpages, CLICK HERE here for more info. 
  • CyberEscape Onlinemceclip0.pngYou will join your team through a conferencing system and will be lead through a series of puzzles to solve a mission. You will need to view multiple web pages and screen share.
    Click here to learn more about how to use these features on various conferencing system.

  • CyberEscape Room
    You will join your team live in a conference room and will have to solve physical and online puzzles to win this mission. Nothing to do to prepare for this, just bring your A-game!


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