Phishing IRL - Marketing Kit


We recommend you start marketing your training a month prior to launch. Whether you are formally going through your Communications Department or sending information yourself through all available channels, please use the variety of material provided. 

Marketing Material

Editable Flyers

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Email Content

Your cybersecurity team is rolling out another engaging series from Living Security called - Phishing in IRL. Make sure you are in a relaxed place when you watch this series since it focuses on a very stressful, and real, work situation!

Corporate professional, Mark, is working at DataDojo under tight deadlines. Fatigue is setting in. He is starting to make poor choices to increase efficiency, when one click changes everything. The spear-phishing email he clicked on was designed to attack DataDojo corporate offices and exploit their sensitive data for re-sale. Stocks plummet, jobs are lost and the reputation of DataDojo is put in question. But fate gives Mark a second chance. Can he learn from his poor choice and change the outcome?

Log in now to see which path Mark takes <<insert platform link>>

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