Microsoft Teams tools for CyberEscape Online


A successful training session will greatly depend on your ability to collaborate in an online meeting using several different meeting features such as:


Hearing what your teammates have to say can be one of the most important strategies in CyberEscape! Quickly muting and unmuting your microphone can prove to be a key asset to solving your mission!

Here are some ways to mute/unmute your microphone on Teams:


Screen Sharing

As all of the puzzles for your experience will be online, sharing what is on your screen is vital to communicating with your teammates! PRO TIP: Make sure to close any unnecessary windows before you screen share!

Here is how to begin/end your screen share session on Teams:



Your host will use the chat box to help you quickly navigate to websites... and YOU might use chat to help provide context to information that you otherwise couldn't convey with a webcam or microphone. Thankfully, most webinars will have a chat box included that is easily accessible to all.

Here is how to access the chat function on Teams:



Yes, we expect your webcam to be turned on!

Here is how to activate/deactivate your webcam on Google Hangouts:


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