Creating Training Campaigns on the Platform


You can create and launch several Training Campaigns on the Platform, assigned to different groups of employees (called Roles on the Platform). 

We recommend using the Campaign Builder to see all available content in a list view, and to see how to group the Micro-Modules to emphasize security topics. Click on the image below to download the checklist for yourself!


Follow these ten steps to create, assign, and launch a campaign.

1. Create a Training Campaign combining a Training Series and Micro-Modules

    • Establish key security concepts or end-user groups you’d like to start with.
    • Create your campaign using the Campaign Builder

2. Give your campaign a title (i.e. Phishing or Work from Home).

3. Identify which roles you will assign to your campaign.

4. Market the new campaign using our Marketing Kits tied to the Training Series

5. Prepare your employee list for import

    • If you already have users on the platform, export your User List from the Admin Tab
    • If you haven’t added any users, export our import template and add your employees

6. Assign the Role to the employees on the import sheet. Don’t import quite yet, continue to steps 7 and 8 first.

7. On the Platform, assign the content to the Role

8. On the Platform, assign each role to yourself and view the dashboard to ensure content is assigned properly.

9. You are ready to import your users and launch your site! When you import your new users with their assigned roles, they will be invited to the Platform automatically.

10. If you would like to import the users but not invite them yet, request the invite emails to be suppressed:


Advanced Step:
Design Quarterly Campaigns for the year and use the Start Date and End Date feature to create a release schedule!

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