What's the best way to use Breakout Rooms with CyberEscape Online?


A great way to host CyberEscape Online is with a large group at the same time on your conferencing system. Then, break out into smaller rooms, assigning a max of eight participants per room.

There are several ways run the game using Breakout Rooms. We recommend this flow:

1. Intro in a large group, but do not encourage small talk.

Welcome to CyberEscape Online. You will be participating in a team exercise focused on solving a mystery involving an Insider Threat. Once everyone has joined, you will be broken up into several special force teams to help discover what happened at Gizmo Corporation. When you receive the notification to join a breakout room, select 'accept', and the experience will begin.

2. Initiate breakout rooms where the host of each room will begin the introduction. (Note: each room's introductions may take a different amount of time to begin gameplay. This is okay! It's important to take the time during the introduction to ensure each participant can successfully share their screen and is set up for success during the timed gameplay.)

3. Once the final code is inputted and gameplay is finished, each host should review the debrief slide in the Facilitator Guide with their small group. Tie the puzzles back to real life examples or policies at your organization. 

4. Ask for feedback! Each host should try to get initial thoughts and feedback on the experience within the small group.  This is the most effective time to get relevant, honest answers!

How was it?
Who had fun?
What was your favorite puzzle?
How relevant was this virtual escape room to everyday threats at [company]?

5. If you plan on returning everyone to the larger group after the debrief, the hosts will need to let their participants know each person has to leave the breakout room manually and return to the main session. 


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