Born Secure: Entrance Exam Marketing Kit


We recommend you start marketing your training a month prior to launch. Whether you are formally going through your Communications Department or sending information yourself through all available channels, please use the variety of material provided.

Need more technical logistics messaging for your end users? Check out: Teams Technical Contact Plan

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      • Flyers (click image left to download)
      • Trailer
      • Contact Plan
      • Web Banners (three attached to chose from!)
      • Logo (attached)


Download Contact Plan Here (click image)

Sample Invite

Get ready to compete with a team in a security-themed CyberEscape Online game that will show-off your cybersecurity skills and challenge your problem-solving abilities.

Here's the premise: 

Jacob Webb has been selected for a top-secret Program that trains new recruits on how to become the world’s best cybersecurity operatives. However, first he must pass a test known by the community as the “Entrance Exam.”


Click here to register yourself or your whole team! <<Insert Registration Link from Teams>>

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