How to invite participants to individual sessions


Inviting users to an individual session can be helpful if there are specific dates and times users need to be assigned. It is also a great tool to schedule a special session for executives or leadership teams. Please note that when participants are added directly, an automated email is not sent by Teams.

To invite users to specific sessions:

  1. Enter the Campaigns Tab
  2. Select your desired Campaign
  3. Select the 'Edit' button next to the Session you would like to invite participants to


Once you've opened the specific session, you can invite users by email address at the bottom of the session details. Be sure to enter the email address, select + Invite Participant, and Save Changes. Once you've selected Save Changes, your users will receive an invite to their email inbox that they must confirm to save their spot in the session. (Note: You can auto-sign up users by toggling the Auto-Sign Up feature to On. This will not send any email communication and automatically confirm users to the session. For additional information about Auto Sign-Up check out: How to use the Auto-Sign Up toggle in Teams)


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