Teams Sites to Whitelist


Whitelisting** the following sites and email addresses will ensure that the Living Security Teams: CyberEscape Online license that you purchased works as intended and with minimal issues.

If whitelisting is not completed, gameplay functionality could break during a session.

To ensure smooth gameplay for all, users that can not freely connect to our gameplay servers will be prevented from entering a session. Therefore, the whitelisting process** is necessary to allow your employees to play through the virtual escape room.

Email notifications addresses:

Gameplay domains:
* (specifically port 443
* (specifically

If you would like specific Twilio host names to whitelist, please refer to this regional list of host names in the top section of this support article:

If you continue to have connectivity issues, please review the additional whitelisting and debugging tools found here:

Ensure Mic and Camera SSL Lock is allowed on participant browsers.

**All corporate environments are unique and we certainly understand concerns with wildcard whitelisting. Please let us know if you can not whitelist wildcard domains. Please use the below compatibility tests to help determine the level of whitelisting required for your environment

Run these tests to ensure whitelisting is complete.


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