Teams Sites to Whitelist - CyberEscape Online


Whitelisting the following sites and email addresses will ensure that the Living Security Teams: CyberEscape Online license that you purchased works as intended and with minimal issues.

If whitelisting is not completed, gameplay functionality could break during a session.

To ensure smooth gameplay for all, users that can not freely connect to our gameplay servers will be prevented from entering a session. Therefore, the whitelisting process is necessary to allow your employees to play through the virtual escape room.

Please whitelist the following:

Email notifications addresses:

Living Security:

Twilio - Participant Audio & Video Conferencing:
Or if you prefer to whitelist individual IPs based on geographic location, you can use this article for reference:

Websocket & Database Connection:

Gameplay Content Videos:

Gameplay CMS & Puzzles:

LaunchDarkly (client level feature flagging):

Hubspot Chat Widget:

Data Tracking (debugging & error tracking):

Living Security Support Portal:

Accessibility Widget (optional):

Fonts (optional):

The following tests can confirm or assist in troubleshooting your whitelisting efforts:

    • Network Debugging Tool for Twilio:
      • Audio & Video
        Result: All tests need to pass except for the 2nd & 3rd ones in the list (NTS: TURN TCP Connectivity and NTS: TURN TLS Connectivity)

    • Database Connection:
      • Used to keep gameplay in sync
        Result: Observe last lines of output for test success

    • Websocket Check:
      • Used for real-time gameplay between participants
        Result: This browser supports WebSocket. Click connect and observed CONNECTED in log output

    • Gameplay Videos: Living Security Cloudinary video
      • Used to identify if video provider needs to be whitelisted
        Result: Video should play

    • Gameplay CMS and Puzzles: 
      • Use to identify if CMS and Puzzles providers need to be whitelisted
        Result: Images can been seen

Ensure Mic and Camera SSL Lock is allowed on participant browsers.

General Debugging of Twilio:

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